The struggle is over.

Welcome to my Good Girl Boot Camp! I am here to show you how to elevate your social media presence, boost engagement and strengthen your brand.
For years, working my 9 to 5 job was my main focus. I believed that I could attain wealth one day by just staying dedicated, impressing my boss, and wait for salary increases/promotions.
While this may still be a good way to create wealth for some, I realized that I needed to put my time and energy into starting a side hustle that I could eventually turn into my own business.
This journey began with selling things from my closet, and eventually getting into reselling items I found in thrift stores. Within 8 months, I was able to grow my side hustle's instagram page from 350 to over 14,000 followers, and create a consistent flow of extra income. From there, I started doing webinars, creating brand merchandise, and more. Now, I want to share all the gems I've learned with you!
The Good Girl Boot Camp offers the opportunity to meet with me 1-on-1 over Zoom. (If you've never used Zoom, it's okay, you can create a free account here).  Together, we will craft an effective marketing strategy.  You'll learn how to attract and engage with your target audience, the art of aesthetics, how to use hashtags, and more!
I completely understand that not everyone is at the same stage in building their brand. Some may need several sessions of coaching, while others just want to meet once to figure out what direction to go in. No matter what stage you're in, I am here to support you! 
Book your coaching session(s) today, by selecting one of the options below. Each options requires a one time fee that covers the entire session(s). You will only be charged once. After booking, you will receive an email with the link to our Zoom meeting. I look forward to meeting you soon!


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